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One of my favourite things about running my business is being able to attend lots of conventions for "work". It's never felt like work to me (to be fair running the business itself has never felt like hard work as I love it so much) I would want to attend all these events anyway. I love to see the amazing costumes, discuss films / TV / anime with people and have discussions about their fandoms and add to my ever growing list of fandom items I NEED. Being a convention creative though is hard work and takes lots of time and energy and so I'd thought I'd write a little blog post about how conventions affect me as a creative.
Conventions for me start months in advance by applying for a stall and making up the stock needed for that event depending on the theme (film and gaming, comic, anime and even My Little Pony) and this is the easy part. I can make stock and arrange hotels and travel easily but stalls cost a lot of money with some events costing hundreds of pounds for a table and so I have to invest a lot of money in my table and hotel months before the convention and then make all of my items to sell at the event too.
A convention can make or break a small business like mine, you invest lots of money to be there and make stock and then when you get there if no one is buying it can really make things hard, if that happens then I am chasing my tail for a month or two to try and recover financially. Luckily I've only had it happen at a couple events in the last 4 years I've done this, it can be really disheartening but it doesn't stop me doing what I love 
You guys are the reason I do this, when I'm at a convention and someone comes by my stall and gushes over my work or is walking past and something catches their eye so they grab it and say "I am having this!" in a really excited tone it makes me so happy and I realise that a bad con won't stop me doing what I love. Being self employed is all about taking risks and you guys make it worth while. 
When I have an amazing con then the money goes straight back into hosting more cons, paying for table spaces and hotels. This year I am trading at more cons than I ever have before and thats thanks to you guys supporting me and buying from me, if it weren't for you guys loving what I do then I wouldn't be able to do what I love.
This business keeps me sain and means I can support my family by being there when I am needed and without you guys it just wouldn't be possible so thankyou for stopping by the stall, having a chat and buying items from me, each one is made with love and is completely unique because they are handmade you will never get 2 exactly the same.
Much Love

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