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If you aren't in our behind the scenes facebook group you won't be aware of the AWESOME fabrics I have ordered and am waiting to arrive to create amazing things for you guys (if you aren't in the group why not??!! there are exclusive peeks and deals in there and you can join here) So I thought I'd finally share with you all what will be arriving at SockJems HQ over the next few months so if you'd like to place a custom pre order to ensure you can get the item you want in the fabric you want then just send the facebook page a message or use the contact us tab here.



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Personally I am in love with ALL of these fabrics and can't wait for them to arrive so I can stroke, um I mean use them. So heres what will be available soon.



First up Gimore Girls, who doesn't love this programme?? Now you could have a gorgeous bag made with one or both of these fabrics! It will be around      6-8 weeks before it arrives.


I've had so many people ask me if I could get Rick And Morty for a long time so I've managed to source it for you guys (aren't I good to you :) ) 


I am a HUGE fan of Stranger Things and when I saw this fabric I had to get it, this one along with Rick And Morty should be here in the next 4 weeks or so.



I am also a massive pokemon fan and when I saw this gen 1 fabric I had to have some, for you guys of course. This has only just been ordered and will take about 6-8 weeks to arrive at SockJems HQ




This one is one that the littlest SockJem is very excited about, he's a huge fan or Jurassic park since he saw it a few years ago and watches it at least once a week, I am under strict instructions to order jeresy in this one so I can make him a whole wardrobe of clothing for him!

This will be quite a while before it arrives with me but if your'e interested in having an item made in it just contact me so I can let you know when it arrives.




Finally this one will be mainly reserved for items I'm making for UK Ponycon but if you'd really like a item made in it and ask me nicely I am sure I can do it for you. This will be with us in 6-8 weeks I think.

So what do you think? Tell me your favourite in the comments (or tell me you can't decide either!)




So what do you think of the line up? Let me know which one is your favourite in the comments 

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