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It's #Marchmeetthemaker month again, that time of the year when us makers and creatives share an insight into our lives behind the scenes of creating lovely things for you all. Last year I wrote a post all about myself and it can be found here, this year I will tell you all about my amazing friend Lisa who helps me behind the scenes with the admin of the facebook page and is invaluable to me for bouncing ideas and designs off of.



Here are some random facts about Lisa:

  • Lisa like me lives in Bristol with her husband, 3 children, 2 westie dogs, chinchillas and hamsters and is amazingly talented (more on that later).
  • She is addicted to Jaffa cakes, pavlova, dark chocolate and also Lidl chocolate easter bunnies (or Santas depending on the time of year!).
  • She loves Jeremy Kyle and would love to go to Manchester to watch it live.
  • She is obsessed with Stranger Things on Netflix but after a long debate we couldn't decide on a favourite character.
  • She will only watch films with a happy ending and loves dance movies.
  • She hoards fabric, now this doesn't necessarily sound interesting but she doesn't actually use it, she just keeps it - I find that wierd!
  • She collects mugs and has quite a few "looking at" ones and stationary too.
  • If she was sent to a desert island and could only take 3 things then she would take wet wipes, matches and doritoes?!
  • Her favourite place in the whole world is her bed.
  • She has a growing collection of acrylic jewellery from Down The Rabbit Hole (who are awesome!)


Now I mentioned earlier that Lisa is amazingly talented, she crochets and her work is amazing! She will be opening an Etsy shop soon but in the meantime you can find her on facebook and Instagram.



How cute are these Cacti?!



The unicorn choccy orange cover is a favorite of mine!


She makes the most amazing blankets!


Her crocheted wreaths are a work of art!


I think you'll agree that her work is amazing, I'm lucky enough to own a few of her awesome makes, my current favorite is a rainbow infinity scarf she made, it comes everywhere with me at the moment!

I think at some point she will be far to busy running her own business to admin for me but she is totally amazing and will still be my very good friend. 


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