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I love making your custom orders, they are always fun and original and, well awesome! With this in mind I thought I'd write a little blog post about my favourites!

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Despite having loads of favourites over the years I've managed to narrow down a "top 5" favourites and here they are!


Number 5 - "Half Heidi" Made With Cath Kidston Townhouses Fabric


I adore this fabric, it's my all time favourite Cath Kidston print as it reminds me of my home city Bristol (which is one of the most colourful cities in The UK) and always makes me happy. This was a custom order from April 2017, it's a simple "Hiedi" that has been modified so it does't have the fold over flap and because of that it shows the fabric off to it's potential.


Number 4 - "Donna" handbag made with Vintage Rainbow Brite Fabric


This is another fabric that I love, It's the orginal vintage fabric thats been upcycled from a duvet cover to make amazing things (because when you grow up it's frowned upon to have Rainbow Brite duvet covers) I've made quite a few different items with this fabric from Cushions to wallets but this order made in 2016 remains my absolute favourite as Rainbow Brite fits on the front perfectly.


Number 3 - Self Tie Bow Tie Made With Storm Trooper Fabric


Made late last year I don't feel like I even have to explain why I love this one so much. Just look at the placement of the Storm Troopers on the bow tie - enough said!


Number 2 - Mini NCW made with Firefly / Serenity Fabric


Finding this photo has made me so happy to rediscover this custom order placed last year. I loved the fabric and just had to make the card slots to imitate Jane Cobbs Hat, with what was left of this fabric I made a Heidi which I believe the person who custom ordered the purse also bought. I really must get more of this fabric, it's just awesome!


Number 1 - "Camille" Camera Bag Made With Rainbow Stars Fabric


This is my all time favourite custom order I've ever made, it took a lot of research and trying new skills to make and it just looks amazing, even if I do say so myself. It has been my crowning achievement in my bag making career so far and the fabric is just amazing, I don't know if it's obvious from the photos but the black "dot" fabric is actually dotted with little white stars, contrasting against the rainbow ones.



So There you go, my top 5 favourite custom orders. It has literally taken me hours to decide these and was really hard as there are so many that I loved making. Like the "Donna" handbag made with labyrinth fabric:



And the set of neckties made with Marvel comics fabric for a customers wedding



And this awesome purse made with Baby Groot fabric




If after seeing these you are inspired to place your own custom order then just send us a message via the contact us tab or through our facebook page, I love to work with customers to get them exactly what they want and it's always a huge compliment that you guys love your orders as much as I love making them!



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