Cardiff Anime and Gaming Con February 2018

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I love conventions, despite being on my stall all day it never gets boring for me. I love to see all the cosplays people have worked hard on for months, I love chatting to people there who have the same interests as me and I love buying all sorts of fandom bits and pieces. Last weekend was no exception and I had a great time "working" at Cardiff Anime and Gaming Con!

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I had a great time, I cosplayed as Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion ( I completely butchered the wig though cutting a long one short so I will get myself a styled one instead ) complete with red contact lenses to get her eyes right. It's a cosplay I've wanted to do for a long time so I'm happy I finally did and she will be used again and again.


The littlest SockJem went as Ron Weasley which made me very happy as I've been trying to get him into Harry Potter for a few years, I'm not sure he's got the working thing down ..........28124363_10213117445042200_1858389498_o

He spent the whole weekend watching Harry Potter films on my laptop and eating biscuits, still he had fun.

I made a few purchases at this convention, one of them was the new hoodie I got, it's a Jolteon hoodie and is so warm I may never take it off. It's become a tradition of sorts to buy a new hoodie at cons so at some point I will get the Vaporeon one they didn't have in my size too.



I also got an original watercolour comissioned from FopDoodles (find him on facebook or Etsy).

28124776_10213117444122177_1957149435_o (1)

My oldest son has a thing for sloths and is ALWAYS on his PS4, headphones on shouting at people hes never met and so I told Basil what I wanted and heres the result. It's even better than I could have hoped for and I'll definately be getting more from him at some point!

28081400_10213117442122127_1595484989_o (1)

I think you'll agree it's awesome!

I had a great time as usual and can't wait for my next one which is provisionally 4th March at Bristol Comic and Gaming Con. You can always check which event we will be at next down the side of the home page of the website or click on the where to find us tab


Thats it for this week if you have any photos of me from the weekend feel free to send them to me.



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