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Hello Awesome People,


Tomorrow sees the release of our mystery boxes so I thought I'd write a little blog post about all the information you need to get yourself one.



mystery box info


From now on the 1st of month will be mystery box day, On the first of every month 3 different size mystery boxes will be available over on our Etsy Shop, these will be available for 3 days or until I run out of stock, which ever is first. There are 3 different value boxes which will each have stock in that is worth double what you pay! There are also different themes, Whilst we don't take requests for items wthin the box you can choose the theme of your box to better suit you.

The themes are:

TV - Items made with fabrics featuring Doctor Who, Game Of Thrones, Sherlock, Supernatural, Adventure Time, Pokemon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and The Walking Dead to name a few.

Anime - Items made with fabrics featuring Attack On Titan, Haikyuu, Black Butler, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Yuri On Ice, Rwby, Assassination Classroom and more.

Film - Items made with fabrics featuring Harry Potter, Lord Of The Rings, Star Wars, Deadpool, Marvel, DC Comics, Jurassic Park and others.

Cath Kidston - Items in this box will be made with Cath Kidston fabrics, this could be Mushrooms, Robots, provence Rose, Forset Bunch or many MANY others.

Non Geek - Items in this box will be made in any of our non geek fabrics, these could be made with fabrics printed with florals, sloths, unicorns, forest animals, skulls or other things too.


You can also pop in the notes when you order whether this box is for a man or woman so we can better suit it to the reciever.

 I've gone with a Anime themed box for these photos to give you an idea of what you could recieve.

Taster Box £5.00 plus p&p

PicMonkey Image

The Taster Box gets you at least £10 worth of SockJems products, it's great if you just want a little treat for yourself, in this box you could recieve:

Hair Bows


Coin purses



key fobs


pocket mirrors

Mini Notebooks


Regular Box   £10.00 plus p&p


PicMonkey Image (1)


This box has even more goodies in for you, in this box you could recieve any of the items from the Taster Box plus:


Box Bags

Makeup Bags

Glasses Cases

Pencil Cases

Diaries (at the right time of the year)


Massive Box  £25.00 plus p&p

PicMonkey Image (2)


This box is the best value for money and one for the hardcore fans of our products (you know who you are!). In this box as well as recieving items from the taster and egular boxes you could also recieve:



Clutch Wallets

Clutch Bags


Neck Ties


There will also be exclusive items only available in mystery boxes in the future too so what more of an excuse do you need to treat yourself?!


I hope this has explained everything but if you have any further questions then please don't hesitate to contact us



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