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If you've been on the Facebook pages this week you will already know this but I have decided to close down the Frock It up section of SockJems and run one business encompassing everything under the SockJems Creations name.


Whilst it has been a fantastic 2 years running the 2 businesses along side each other it is become more demanding on me behind the scenes with all the admin and social media work I have to do. It's just me doing the work and creating the stock whilst Lisa helps on the facebook pages for me but I have found myself with less and less time to actually create, this means less stock for you guys and a longer processing time to make orders which will simply not do!

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It's not been easy for me to make this decision and it has taken a few months of soul searching to decide this but I know that this is the right one. Don't worry though because Frock It Up Products are still available to buy on the web shop and on Facebook all the products that are currently available will have their photos moved into the SockJems albums. There will also be albums of different fabrics available for you to have your custom orders made from too.

Frock It Up assecceories

The V.I.P, behind the scenes group is being set up this week for SockJems too giving you all a chance for exclusive give aways, competitions and behind the scenes glances of new products and this will also be a place where I will ask advice from you guys for new fabrics or products etc.

Mystery boxes are on their way too, I have a few last details to iron out and they should be ready for release on 1st February.


Thankyou so much to everyone who has supported me over that last 2 years with Frock It Up. Please come over to the SockJems Facebook page and give us a like to stay up to date with us and dont forget to sign up to the newsletter to hear the latest news and get exclusive deals too, just scroll down to the bottom of the page and enter your email address in the little box down there.


See you on the other side!



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