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This weekend just gone saw me and my friend Cat going to The Festival of Quilts at Birmingham NEC. We try to go every year but haven't been for 2 so it was great to go again and see all of the amazing Quilts plus all the fabric stalls with awesome fabrics!!!



We were very good and didn't spend too much, in the past it was a case of grabbing all the fabrics so no one else can, this year however I only bought what I needed. It was very busy so as we popped by the Hochanda stand I had a little sit down in one of their gorgeous chairs! All I needed was a peasant to fan me :)20821559_10211738836777855_514758250_o


Check out my t shirt I got there too - "Fabric Rescue Service" I'm hoping people might just give me fabric to rehome now (theres always a chance!) Cat However took the innuendo route!


A 1/4 inch makes all the difference - RUDE! (Unless you're a quilter)


If you've been thinking about going in the past then I highly reccomend it, however I'd suggest staying over night and making 2 days of it as there is too much to see in one day. We arrive around 10am Saturday, spend the whole day there and then stay over and spend most of Sunday there too. 


So here is my little stash I got at the festival.20839666_10211738406687103_1770452561_o

I was out of Harry Potter Hufflepuff (it seems to be the most popular house) so I got some more ready to make badges and pocket mirrors for Cardiff Anime Con next week and with Pony Con coming up in October I thought I'd better get some fabric for that also. I needed a new Quilting ruler as I broke my old one running over it with an office chair (not something I'd recommend!) and this one was a bargain at £7.99! You can never have too much thread so I stocked up on my favourite brand and at the very back of the photo you can see my newly purchased cork fabric! This is a new thing people are raving about for bag and purse making as an alterative to leather so I bought some to give it a try and am very excited to give it a go so watch this space!



You may have seen over on the Frock It Up facebook page that I made Cat and I some new handbags to take away with us - a sewing themed Heidi each. I very rarely make anything for myself but I've wanted a Heidi since I first discovered the pattern. Having used one I can highly recommend one! They are a perfect size for just carrying the essentials plus it's a very tricky bag for pick pocketers as you have to access the main flap by unfolding and unzipping (not something that can be done without being noticed I reckon) and the zipped pocket at the back is always against your body making it impossible to get at. PicMonkey Collage


Prices for a custom made one start at £20 plus p&p so feel free to contact us via either facebook page (SockJems Creations or Frock It Up) or website to enquire

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  1. Cat

    The heidi is a lovely bag especially with the vinyl touch jemma gives them ... however you cannot stash the hotel towels in it ... private joke xxx

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