Bristol Anime and Gaming Con April 2017

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I love trading at Comic conventions, It gives me a chance to cosplay and to see everyone elses amazing costumes as well as chatting to everyone who passes the stall about how amazing they look and general fandom talk. Bristol Anime And Gaming Con was the first con I traded at in 2016 and remains my favourite even after attending it to trade around 5 times now. It's not the biggest event by any means but everyone is lovely and friendly, the crew are amazing (especially Pam our Convention Mummy) and all the attendees are always up for a chat when they come to the stall18197365_10155281167181967_1515142176_n


As you can see from the photo, I didn't dress up this time, I had planned to make myself a Link (from the Zelda franchise of games) I even had it all cut out but never had time to finish it as I was working on stock till the 11th hour. I enjoyed seeing everyone elses costumes though, my favourites were a Ken Kenaki complete with Kagune, a full furry Rocket Costume from Guardians of the Galaxy and a very good Ghostrider costume.




It was massively busy, as you can see but I still had a chance to have a quick nosey around and see a couple of things I wanted that have been added to my wish list:



I LOVE the anime Black butler, Sebastian is my favourite character and as such I've wanted one of these plush Sebastians for so long! This one is available from Anime Snapback who also had LOTS of other plsh characters too.




I collect Pops, I don't have a huge collection as I only collect the ones I really love. Tucks Toys had a great selection so be sure to check them out (if any one was wondering I'm currently after Ripley from the Alien franchise).




Another thing I love is fandom clothing, I make most of my own clothes but from time to time I see something that I love, being a fan of Harley Quin (and even having a 1950's style cosplay costume of her) I think this jacket would be the perfect addition to my everyday and cosplay wardrobe! It's available from the amazing Spicetag.

So there you have my top picks if anyone wanted to buy me gifts (Mr SockJems I'm looking at you!). I have already booked to trade at the October Bristol Anime and Gaming Con as I love this event so much as well as the Cardiff version of this event too. Check out our forth coming events tab for more information.

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