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I've been making clothes for myself for nearly four years now, but up until my Christmas break I'd only really sewn with cotton fabrics because Jersey and stretch fabrics seemed like too much of a hassel to work with. Oh how wrong I was!!




The pictures above are basically what I have lived in for the last 4 years or so, I wear a dress to death teaming it with one of my many quirky t shirts (thats a whole other story!) and then when it can't go on any more because it's thread bare and falling apart from excessive wearing I replace it with a new one thats just as awesome.


My Christmas break saw me having one dress and a skirt left in my handmade wardrobe so I knew it was prime time to sort myself out some new clothes. A lovely friend of mine Marie from Sewn Bristol had made a gorgeous cardigan with a grey sweater knit she had in stock and so I decided to make my own, the fabric had a bit of stretch but I enjoyed making it so much that I made another as well so now I have two awesome cardigans that are super warm and comfy and very slouchy (love a slouchy cardi!).

16409104_10210011171267297_1753364096_o (1)

16388987_10210011169987265_319052638_o (1)

Sewing with a stretch fabric got me thinking "Maybe I should have a go at sewing a stretch fabric dress?!"  I had a dress a friend had given me to wear in my hour of not having many clothes to wear need but I wasn't keen on the pattern (it was a bit floral for me) so I used the dress to draft a pattern from and made myself a jersey dress.16357305_10210011172147319_1226945271_o (1)

I loved the way it came together so quickly so I made a few more! 

16357831_10210011189707758_1742300772_o (1)                                                          16388532_10210011187547704_551759028_o (1)                                                                          16358093_10210011193347849_229997675_o (1)

I made five jersey dresses in two days with this dress pattern (one was in the wash so thats why there are only photos of four, sorry!) so now I am set for the forseeable future, I have more jerseys to make a few more but I'd like to try my hand at another pattern for that.


I did make myself a cotton dress too for good measure, I've been coveting this fabric since I got my hands on it last summer but I I'm yet to wear it as I love my jersey dresses so much.

 16357966_10210011170587280_1162486454_o (1)

I have an awesome fabric for my next jersey dress, I just need to find the time to make it (and I'm hoping there will be enough left over for a pair of pants too!)


16003183_10154244006087045_1869020937399412117_n (1)

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  1. Marie

    YES! Jersey is great. Comfy, practical and seriously not as tricky as people think once you get the basic stitch sorted. Good on you! 5 dresses in 2 days! Wowzers.

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