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Hello! And welcome to the new website. The old one was so 1990's so over the Christmas break whilst the rest of the SockJems family ate too much, played computer games and napped I spent time getting this bad boy up together to publish when we reopened. I thought I'd start off our new blog too with a little tour of the site so you can find your way around.


"Ahem, Ladies and gentlemen please keep your arms and legs in the vehicle at all times and remain seated please"

So we have an About Us page where you can find out all about the history of SockJems and how it came into being, it's a must for all you stalkers out there and there will be a pop quiz on it at some point so take note. Theres also information here about our sister page Frock It Up By SockJems Creations. For those of you who don't know as well as running SockJems Creations I also run a small business making handmade dresses in sizes 10-26 and co-ordinating accessories some of these dresses will no doubt appeal to some of my SockJems fans so I've brought them together on one website. The page tells you a bit about the history of Frock It Up and what we do.

Next is our awesome Shop! Here you will find all our ready made items to buy including a seperate area of the shop for all of our Frock It Up products. 

Then you have the blog page, I am hoping to keep this updated much more than the old one, at least once a week with new fabrics available or new products I'm working on. Also when I go to cons expect the lowdown on the cosplays and my wish list from the stalls!

(Edit Jan 2018 - That  hasn't happend but maybe this year! - Jem )

The contact us page is where you can send us a message, you can ask questions, place a custom order or start a conversation about cake if you like!

And finally we have the terms and conditions page, which whilst not being as exciting as the rest of the website it does give you all the information you need about buying from us.

Down the side of the site you will see the events table for this years cons so you will always know where we will be and a link to the latest blog post because lets face it I'm awesome and you wouldn't want to miss anything I have to say.

I've tried to make the site (and the shop) as easy to navigate as possible but if you spot any spelling or grammer errors or think of a way to improove it I'd love to hear from you.


So I'll shut up now and give you lot a chance to have a good nosey around and make yourself comfortable.



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